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Kirknewton Parish Council Meeting :  details



Posted by Pat Edwards


Kirknewton Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 21st April 2015,

in the Village Hall


Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown (Chairman), Steve Marriott, Helen and Andy Blowers, John Lloyd, Kaye Aisthorpe, Angela Hallam-Baker (Clerk).

Parishioners:  Pat and Jenny Edwards, Jean and Moira Taylor.


1.  Apologies for absence were received from County Cllr. Anthony Murray.


2.  Police Report:

PC Mark Lynn attended briefly and had no crimes to report.


3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2015 were agreed and signed.


4.  Matters arising:

  • Electricity cables – it was reported that some of the trees near the cables were to be pruned in six week’s time.
  • Village Hall meeting minutes – there appeared to be a problem with putting the minutes on to the website.   As Cllr. Lloyd is the Parish Council representative on the Village Hall Trust, he agreed to send the minutes of each meeting to Pat Edwards to put on the website, and also to the Clerk.
  • Rural Bus Services – nothing further had been heard following the County Council meeting.   The Clerk would ask Cllr. Murray to send a report.
  • Gullies in Post Office Lane – Pat Edwards reported that these had been cleared and cleaned by a friendly and efficient engineer from NCC (Peter Gray) who reported back when the job had been done.   Pat had written to thank him, and suggested that the Parish Council do the same.   Cllr. Lloyd reported that the pipe at the end of Post Office Lane needs to be cleared of vegetation and debris, and the Clerk would ask Highways to attend to this.
  • Education – the Clerk would ask Cllr. Murray to report on the proposed reorganisation of the schools in Wooler.


5. Financial Report:

The first half of the precept (£350) had been paid into the bank account leaving a credit balance of £937.00.

The unaudited end of year accounts would be presented at the next PC meeting in May.


6.  Grass cutting in the Churchyard:

A further letter had been received from the PCC stating that “no one pays for a space in the ground, and that costs incurred for burial in a churchyard are pre-determined by the Home Office to cover wages and fees for the professional assistance of those involved in the service”.

Cllr. Helen Blowers stated that it is the PCC which has to pay all its bills, and not the Diocese.


The Clerk had ascertained that the Ecclesiastical Parish includes:  Akeld, Paston (Pawston), West Paston (West Pawston), Coupland, Crookhouse, Grey’s Forest, Heathpool (Hethpool), Howtel, Kilham, Lanton and Milfield.   Milfield and Kirknewton are the only two parishes with parish councils.

Cllr. Blowers informed the meeting that the PCC had had no reply from Milfield PC, and the Clerk agreed to contact the Parish Clerk and enquire whether they proposed to make a contribution to the maintenance of the churchyard.

If Kirknewton PC did consider making a donation, it was agreed that a public meeting should be called and take up the PCC’s offer to be represented.

The Clerk had enquired of other local parishes what they do about contributions to the grass-cutting, and found that in general they contribute £100 per year per churchyard.


7.  Review of the Planning Service:

It is understood that no decision had been made at the full Council meeting on 1st April, but the Clerk would contact Cllr. Murray and ask him if has any further information.


8.  County Council Property Review:

A letter had been received from NCC outlining plans for the regeneration or redesigning of towns to provide a more efficient use of buildings and assets and reduce the current running costs of public buildings.   Plans for the larger towns, including Berwick, were documented in an attached press release.


9.  County Councillor’s Report:  none due to Cllr. Murray’s absence at another meeting.


10. Any other business:

  • Timber extraction in the College Valley – the PC had been advised of timber extraction operations in the College Valley.   A plan was included of various footpaths to be used, which might have to be temporarily closed.

Comments are invited before 27th April with regard to restrictions and conditions.

The main concerns of the PC are the running of timber wagons over Westnewton Bridge, which is due to be strengthened this summer, the impact on the road surfaces, the dangerous double bend on the south side of the village, and the increased summer tourist traffic, cyclists and walkers  to and through the College Valley.

The Clerk would communicate these concerns to the Timber Transport Liaison Officer, as well as enquiring of Highways Dept. when the bridge works are due to start and finish.

  • Potholes – the Chairman had produced a map of the area showing the location of potholes, and the Clerk would send this to Highways asking for them to be filled.

Cllr. Aisthorpe reported that the potholes on the Hethpool road had opened up again, and these would also be reported.


11. Date of next meeting:  Tuesday. 19th May 2015. 


           Annual Parish Meeting at 2.00pm, followed by the May monthly meeting.











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