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Kirknewton Parish Council. :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards.

DRAFT                         Kirknewton Parish Council


Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 15th March 2016,

at the Village Hall at 2.00pm


Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown (Chairman), Steve Marriott, Helen and Andy Blowers,

Kay Aisthorpe, County Cllr. Antony Murray, Clerk Angela Hallam-Baker, and 

4 parishioners.


1.  Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. John Lloyd and PC Mark Lynn.


2.  Police Report:

PC Mark Lynn had sent a message advising that there had been no reported crimes in the area during the past month.


3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 16th February 2016 were agreed and signed.


4.  Matters arising from the minutes:

  • Kirknewton Village Hall Trust AGM minutes – these had been distributed to the Parish Councillors.   It was agreed that the removal of the dividing wall between the two small rooms to give a bigger space was an improvement for small meetings, rather than using the main hall.
  • Mobile phone coverage –  Cllr. Helen Blowers said that the possibility of mounting a mast on the church tower had been discussed at the PCC meeting, although she had been unable to attend.   Since wiring would be required, this would entail obtaining a faculty and there would be no help from the Diocese.         


5.  Potholes:

The clerk had reported potholes along the edges of the B6351 on the approach to and exit from Yeavering covering a distance of approximately 200 yards.   There are also potholes on the same road between the Village Hall and Westnewton Bridge.   The potholes on the Hethpool road had been filled, but badly done and the surface had not improved.

The clerk would report all these again with a copy to Kevin Bartlett (NCC Localities Officer).   She would also write to the Leader of the County Council, Grant Davey, highlighting the damage to vehicles and the danger of having to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid the potholes.


6.  Financial Report:

No financial transactions since the last meeting and the bank balance remains at £1,191.46.


7.  Area Committee North meeting:

Cllr. Brown attended this meeting held on 14th March 2016.   There was a presentation on Ambulances Services in Northumberland.   Ambulances are stationed at Berwick,  Alnwick and Belford, and generally emergency cases are taken to the nearest hospital.   Attendees from Berwick said they need more cover, but Cllr. Brown felt that the service is being run as well as it could be with the vehicles and personnel available.

An informative presentation was also given by Tom Fairfax, chair of the North Northumberland Committee of the Royal British Legion.


8.  County Councillor’s Report:

  • Potholes - Cllr. Murray said he would bring up the subject of potholes with NCC. 
  • Ambulance service  - He also attended the Area meeting and agreed that the ambulance service was doing its best, but he said that there was more difficulty in servicing rural areas due to their geographical locations.
  • Swimming pool at Middle School – the sides of the pool have moved and repairs are going ahead.   There had been a good response from donations which have raised in excess of £20,000.   The pool would be fit for use by the community – young and elderly people, and should be up and running within the next couple of months.


9.  Any other business:

  • National Park Authority AGM – this is to be held at 9.30am in the Village Hall tomorrow, 16th March, and it is hoped that a fair number of people will attend.
  • Plastic windows - Cllr. Brown reported that the NNPA was checking windows, since plastic ones are not allowed in the National Park.
  • Planning Review - an email had been sent round to the chairs of all Town and Parish Councils by Bryn Owen, the Chair of Craster PC, with regard to a new planning system which removed the automatic trigger ensuring that when town and parish councils disagreed with officers on planning grounds, the application would be reviewed by a planning committee.   Town and parish councils were not consulted on this decision which was implemented in April 2015.

At a Cabinet Meeting on 21st March a review of the new system is to be tabled, which uses two criteria to assess the efficiency of the changes that were made:

  • whether the application was processed within the government set timescales
  • whether the applicant appealed the decision.

A number of questions were put by Mr. Owen.   These were read out to the Kirknewton meeting and the answers given would be sent to Mr. Owen in order that he could collate the information gathered from the town and parish councils and  produce a report for the Cabinet Meeting.

Cllr. Murray stated that the planning system was undemocratic, and that there was no local impact now.   Officers were  dealing with applications for sites they had not even seen.

  • Queen’s 90th Birthday Commemorative Medal for Schools and Councils – a sample of the medal had been sent to the Parish Council with an order form for not fewer than 50 units @ £1.99 each.   This was of no interest to the PC.


10. Date of next meeting:   Tuesday, 19th April 2016, at 2.00pm at the Village Hall.




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