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Cheviot Artists, Kirknewton. :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards


We had a wonderful day on Tuesday 7th October with wildlife artist Jina Gelder who had travelled from Newcastle to do a days workshop with us. Jina works in ink and watercolour, a combined medium that very few of us had tried before. Dip pens, and brush work were used for the ink work, and watercolor layered for the main body of work. A little white acrylic was used for the finishing highlights.

Jina broke the work done into approximately 4 sections throughout the day to enable us to all produce a finished picture. The day started at 10.00am with a break for lunch which we had organised in advance and was included in the price of the days workshop, which finished at 4.00pm. Jina was extremely helpful and patient, and all of us were pleased with the finished pictures we had been able to produce under her guidance.

It was a most enjoyable day, and I'm sure more of our members will try combining the two mediums in the future. Check out some of our first attempts using this medium and technique.

Cheviot Artists meet every Tuesday from 10.00am till 1.00pm in the Kirknewton Village Hall. If you wish to contact the group, please contact Angie on 07521 123549.

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