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Draft Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting + Draft Minutes of Parish Council May Meeting :  details

PLEASE NOTE: Listed are 2 sets of Kirknewton Parish Council minutes.

1. Draft Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting.
2. Draft Minutes of Parish Council May Meeting.

Posted by Pat Edwards.


DRAFT Kirknewton Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
held on Tuesday, 16th May 2017, at 2.00pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown (Chairman), Steve Marriott, Andy and Helen Blowers,
John Lloyd, Kay Aisthorpe, County Cllr. Anthony Murray, Parishioners Keith 
Warmington and Patrick Edwards, Clerk Angela Hallam-Baker.

1. Apologies for absence: none.

2. Chairman’s opening remarks:
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and congratulated Cllr. Anthony Murray on his re-election to Northumberland County Council. He thanked Cllr. Murray for his attendance at meetings and dealing with matters raised by the PC. The Chairman also thanked the parish councillors and the clerk for their support during the year, and Pat Edwards for uploading the agendas and minutes on to the Kirknewton website.
Items discussed and dealt with during the year:
• Potholes – many of these had been repaired, but the filling had in several cases been pulled out by heavy vehicles.
• Westnewton Bridge works – strengthening of the parapet and straightening of the river had been carried out.
• Forestry operations – extensive felling and re-planting had taken place up the College Valley, and concern had been expressed at the condition of the roads being used by the logging trucks.
• Japanese Knotweed – the incidence of this on the side of the U1019 road at Yeavering had been reported to NCC and would be monitored by the PC during the growing season.
• Broadband and lack of mobile coverage – these were still causing problems and had been reported to Member of Parliament, Anne-Marie Trevelyan. Work is ongoing, but Kirknewton is outside the range of the local telephone exchange, and it appears would need a mast erecting.
• U1019 road through the ford at Yeavering had been recorded as a BOAT (Byway open to all traffic). The PC had objected to this, as several vehicles had become stuck in the river, and as a result of the objections warning signs had been erected at the top of the road.
• Planning applications – several applications had been lodged, with no objections from the PC, and subsequently permission granted.
• Post Office Lane – the roadside ditch had been cleared, and fencing re-erected following the floods.
• Phone boxes – BT had again expressed its intention to remove the phone boxes in the village and at Southern Knowe. The PC had again objected, due to the lack of mobile signal.
• Dark Skies Project – Duncan Wise had given a presentation on this and pointed out that Kirknewton is a key site due to its lack of street lighting.
3. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 17th May 2016 were agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: none.

5. Presentation of the unaudited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017:
The clerk presented the accounts and Annual Return which were approved by the Councillors. It was agreed that Helen Tarron should be asked to carry out the internal audit, and the accounts would be available for inspection by members of the public from 5th June to 14th July 2017 and posted on the website.

6. County Councillor’s Report:
Cllr. Murray reported that the proposed moving of County Hall from Morpeth to Ashington is likely to be shelved at a saving of some £70 million, due to a larger number of Conservative members having been elected to the County Council. This would be voted on at the NCC meeting on 31st May. A large amount of money had already been spent on the proposed move, which was sadly money down the drain.
Cllr. Murray reported that there were likely to be cuts in the number of committees.

7. Parish and County Elections held on 4th May 2017: 
 Parish Councillors elected unopposed:
Stephen Marriott
Kathleen Aisthorpe
John Lloyd
County Councillor Anthony Murray was elected with a large majority.
The requisite Register of Interests forms were completed and handed to the clerk to be forwarded to NCC. The Forms of Acceptance were signed for retention by the clerk.

8. Resignation of Clerk:
Angela confirmed her intention to resign from the position once the minutes of today’s meetings had been compiled, the internal audit of the accounts completed, and the NCC forms sent off, etc. Advertisements requesting a new clerk had been posted on the notice board and on the website, but so far there had been no response.

9. Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman:
Chairman: Steve Marriott – proposed by Keith Warmington, seconded by Pat Edwards.
Deputy Chairman: Kay Aisthorpe – proposed by Steve Marriott, seconded by John Lloyd.

10. Programme of meetings for the year to 31st March 2018:
It was agreed that with so little business to deal with, quarterly Parish Councils would be sufficient. These would remain on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2.00pm in the Village Hall. The next meeting, however, would be on 22nd August, due to the Chairman being unable to attend on the 15th. Subsequent meeting dates:
Tuesday, 21st November 2017
Tuesday, 20th February 2018
Tuesday, 15th May 2018

11. Any other business:
Co-option of new Parish Council member:
It was unanimously proposed and agreed that Keith Warmington be co-opted to serve on the Parish Council.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Steve to Ted Brown for the huge amount he has done for Kirknewton over the years, including getting the water supply sorted out and the new Village Hall up and running; also his warm welcomes to new-comers.
Similarly, thanks were extended to Andy and Helen Blowers for their great support during their period of office, particularly Helen’s extensive exploration of the County Council website to find difficult to access information.






DRAFT Kirknewton Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 16th May 2017, at the Village Hall

Present: Cllrs. Steve Marriott (Chairman), Kay Aisthorpe (Deputy Chairman),
John Lloyd, Keith Warmington, County Cllr. Anthony Murray.
Edward Brown, Andy and Helen Blowers, Patrick Edwards,
Clerk Angela Hallam-Baker.

Keith Warmington had agreed to be co-opted as a member of the Parish Council and was welcomed by the other councillors.

1. Apologies for absence: none.

2. Police Report: none.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 18th April 2017 were agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:
• Broadband – a message had been received from Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP informing that broadband investment is making good progress, though it is very slow for those in the last 5%. However, The Digital Economy Act will help ensure that decent broadband will be available to every property, and this would mean there would be no need for a mast.
Complaints had been made about the phone line having dropped into the river and therefore causing disruption to the service. 
 It was agreed that as many people as possible should write individual letters to John Cooper at NCC, copied to Anne-Marie, complaining about the lack of mobile signal and slow and intermittent broadband. Cllr. Murray said that John Cooper would be willing to attend a PC meeting to talk about and answer questions about these problems. Cllr. Murray would speak to him.
(email: )

5. Financial Report:
The first half of the annual precept (£350.00) had been received, and a payment of £32.85 made for travel expense to Alnwick for delivery of the Parish Council candidates’ documents. This left a credit balance at the bank of £1,583.45.
It was agreed that the signatories to the account would have to be changed – retiring councillor Edward Brown’s name would be removed, and Kay Aisthorpe, John Lloyd and Keith Warmington would be added as signatories. Steve Marriott would remain. Cheques and other bank documents would require two out of the four signatories. Angela agreed to get the relevant forms from the bank.

6. NNPA Elections:
There were no candidates from Kirknewton PC. However, the Deputy Chairman, Jean Davidson, resident in the village, can presumably be contacted on behalf of the parish.

7. Definitive Map Modification Order (No. 6) 2017 – Footpath No. 3 from Demesne Farm, (Milfield Parish) and Footpath No. 4 to north of Crook House (Kirknewton Parish) have been upgraded to restricted byways. 
 (Restricted Byway. A category of right of way created under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 . A restricted byway allows a right of way on foot, on horseback, or leading a horse, cycling and for any vehicles other than mechanically propelled vehicles. Green Lane.)

8. Any other business:
• Timber extraction on land west of Fleehope Farm from end of May for 6 months.
• Phone box at Southern Knowe – this is reported to require cleaning, and the phone apparently does not work. It has a coin box, but callers are asked to reverse the charges. The clerk to write to BT and NNPA, and Cllr. Murray will bring it up at the NNPA meeting.

9. Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017, at 2.00pm at the Village Hall.

Signed ....................................................


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