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Helen Blowers :  intro

Helen Blowers 12:04 7th Aug 2014

After 31 very happy years living in what used to be the Kirknewton station master's house, built for the Alnwick to Cornhill railway in the late 1800s, we moved to Coldstream last year. Still get over to Kirknewton as often as possible. "When I am dead and opened, you shall find Kirknewton lying in my heart" - apologies to plagiarising the quote from Mary 1 of England!

Our youngest son, David, attended Kirknewton CofE Aided First school and has, as I do, fond memories of the school. We had a memorable and ultimately successful campaign to save the school from closure in 1985, when Northumberland LEA was closing small rural schools at an alarming rate. It is gratifying to note that the school continued to serve the local community for many years, until its eventual closure in 2003, when pupil numbers fell to an unsustainable low.

Today, it is equally gratifying to see that the school site is now being used by GirlGuiding North Tyneside as an outdoor centre for youth groups - thus continuing Kirknewton's proud tradition of educating young people.

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