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International competitive and training opportunities. :  details

Its been some time since I last updated my blog, so I have lots of news to share....


Firstly, I recently made the decision to leave the England Squad and become an independant athlete. One of my main reasons for this was the lack of competitive opportunities I was being offered. After a lot of advice and careful consideration I feel this is defintately the right decision for me and my progress.

I am currently sourcing International competitions and I am soon about to kick start my new fundraising campaign to help enable me to compete as much as possible.

I have a number of fundraising ideas which I will share with you all once they're finalised. I have also set up a just giving page which can be found  

I aim to have an article in the Newcastle Journal within the next two weeks, so watch this space.


My first International competition this year, which I'm really looking forward to, will be The Tatra Cup in Liptovsky Jan, Slovakia in June.

I am also very excited to be planning a trip to Florida, USA, early next year. I have been given an amazing opportunity to train with the World number 1 BC4, Marco Dispaltro. I still cant quite believe it !!!


Last weekend I competed in Sheffield at the Boccia England Open ( formerly DSE National championship ), winning the BC4 competition for the 4th time and where I also unveiled my new competition tops.

I was pleased with my performance, winning 4 out of 4 matches and it was a good warm up for the English Nationals at the end of April where I will be defending my National title.

I will be working hard in the Kirknewton Hall over the next few weeks in preperation.


Thank you all for your continuing support.


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