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Kirknewton Parish Council :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards

Kirknewton Parish Council


Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 18th November 2014.



Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown (Chairman), Steve Marriott, Helen and Andy Blowers,

John Lloyd, Kaye Aisthorpe.   Clerk Angela Hallam-Baker, and parishioners

Pat and Jenny Edwards.


1.  Apologies for absence were received from County Cllr. Anthony Murray and PC Mark Lynn (Northumbria Police).


2.  Police Report:

PC Lynn had sent a report stating that there had been no reported crime in the Parish during the past month, but that in other areas there had been thefts of chain saws from outbuildings.


3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2014 were agreed and signed.   The clerk reported that the Auditors had requested that loose leaf minutes must be numbered consecutively and each page initialled by the person signing them.


4.  Matters arising from the minutes:

  • The phone boxes in Kirknewton Village and at Southern Knowe had been cleaned.   The Southern Knowe phone had been mended and would remain card only due to the insecurity of a cash box in such a remote area.   It was noted that this could be used with a credit card.
  • Kirknewton Reading Room – Westnewton Estate had taken exception to the report in the August minutes (not September, as quoted by them) that “the Reading Room had been given to the village of Kirknewton in times past, but it now appears to be the property of Westnewton Estates”.   There was obviously a misunderstanding, and the minute should have read “the use of the Reading Room had been given to the village of Kirknewton by Lord Lambton and was always in the ownership of Westnewton Estates” .   The clerk would send an apology to Simon Douglas-Home for having misunderstood this.


5.  Financial Report:

The last received bank statement dated 28th October 2014 showed a credit balance of £718.79.

The Church had asked the Parish Council to fund a floodlight for the Christmas period at a cost of £91.00.   This was discussed, and it was pointed out that the PC’s policy is not to make donations to charity, this being a small parish with a small precept.   However, a vote was taken – two of the members declared an interest, and the other four voted against making the donation.   It was also mentioned that a floodlight would be against the Dark Skies policy.


6.  Gorse clearance:

An email dated 17th November 2014 had been received from Westnewton Estate stating that  “the gorse clearance had ceased on 8th August which was the day after it began”.   Cllr. Marriott disputed this, saying that he had phoned Steve Pullen of Natural England on 23rd July to report the clearing of the gorse, whereupon the work was stopped.   He had then taken aerial photographs on 25th July showing that the work had ceased.    

The Parish Council had apologised to Westnewton Estate and Robert Whitten for having disclosed in the minutes content of a letter from NNPA, but following enquries made by County Cllr. Anthony Murray, the Parish Council in turn received an apology from NNPA for having sent this letter in the first place.


7.  Planning:

Application Ref:  14/03675/FUL Old Station House, KirknewtonDismantle existing entrance porch and erect new structure to accommodate entrance lobby and shower/cloakroom, replace existing casement windows with traditional design sliding sash to original house design size, the remainder on modern extensions (flat roof) replaced with side hung casements.

There were no objections to these alterations, although the following observations were made by members of the Parish and the Parish Council: 

  • This is a Conservation Area.
  • Description of proposed works – “internal alterations to first floor shower room” should read “bathroom”.
  • Description should also mention conversion of existing bathroom to fourth bedroom.
  • “New structure to accommodate entrance lobby and shower cloakroom” – the original dwelling was extended in the late 1970s to create a sun lounge and enlarged kitchen.   Will the new enlarged extension exceed the “permitted area” of extension?


Application Ref:  14NP0082 Westnewton Bothypermission for change of use from shooting box to pottery and geology workshop including fenced parking area measuring

 3m x 6m.

Permission had been granted conditionally.


8.  County Councillor’s Report:  none due to Cllr. Murray’s absence.


9.  Correspondence:

  • Letter from Campaign to Protect Rural England giving facts and concerns regarding commercial wind turbine development in Northumberland (circulated to members).
  • Northumbrian Citizens Advice Bureau request for a donation – this was turned down due to the PC’s policy not to make donations to outside bodies.


10. Any other business:

  • Rights of Way – Ordnance Survey Maps dated 1860, 1897 and 1920 were presented showing a right of way from the War Memorial corner through to the Church.   The farmer had put a gate across this, but it was noted that this could easily be opened for access.
  • Gritting – Cllr. Aisthorpe said that the road to Hethpool was not gritted and asked the clerk to make enquiries to NCC.


11. Date of next meeting:   Tuesday, 20th January 2015, at 2.00pm in the Village Hall.




Date.................................. Signed................................


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