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Kirknewton Parish Council :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards.



Kirknewton Parish Council


Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 21st July 2015, at the Village Hall




Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown (Chairman), Helen and Andy Blowers, John Lloyd.

Angela Hallam-Baker (Clerk) and four parishioners.


1.  Apologies for absence were received from:  Cllr. Steve Marriott, Kaye Aisthorpe, and PC Mark Lynn.


2.  Police Report:   

PC Lynn had advised by email that there were no crimes in the parish to report since the last meeting.


3. The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd June 2015 were agreed and signed.


4.  Matters arising from the minutes – see agenda items.


5.  Village Hall Trust:

Cllr. Lloyd did not have the minutes of the meeting to hand and would deliver these to the clerk to be passed on to the Councillors.

He stated that Jean Davidson is to resign as Treasurer, and the office would be taken over by Tony Reed-Jones.


6.  Westnewton Bridge Works:

The PC had been informed by Peter Brewis that planning permission will not be granted in time for works to the bridge to be implemented this year.   He stated that “during consideration of the application, several issues have been raised by Natural England and the Environment Agency, and further clarity is required”.   

Peter said he will be taking forward all of these points with the consenting Authorities and hopes to report shortly.   He envisages that the works would be delivered in 2016, but subject to successfully obtaining planning permission.

Cllr.Murray had replied to Peter saying that he would try to get a swift change of heart from the Agencies, and would be willing to take up the matter with  local MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan.   He had also asked Peter if he had the power to sanction work over the heads of the Agencies if the safety and livelihood of individuals is to be put at risk indefinitely.

The PC agreed that Peter had done his best to move this issue forward, and agreed that Cllr. Murray should be asked to contact the MP.   It was also suggested that the local Press should be informed of the long delay, etc.   

Cllr. Helen Blowers had been through the many documents on the website relating to this matter, and agreed that a package of these should be put together and forwarded to Cllr. Murray, and a question asked as to whether the application had been withdrawn, or re-submitted.   The clerk agreed to collate the documents.

These documents revealed that the objections from NE and EA were submitted after the cut-off date laid down by the Planning Department.


7.  Planning Applications:

  • Ref:  15/01272/FUL Glen Cottage, Post Office Lane – permission granted for entrance porch and garage.
  • Ref:  15NP0051 Thompson’s Walls – approval applied for of details reserved by conditions1,2,3,4,6,8 & 14 of planning permission 12NP0026.
  • Ref:  15NP0053 Thompson’s Walls – approval applied for of variation of conditions 7 and 10 of planning permission 12NP0026.
  • Ref:  15NP0037 Long Back Cottage – Certificate of lawfulness granted in respect of residential use of existing dwelling.
  • Footpaths 230/003 and 226/004 known as Common Loaning running from Milfield over the hill to join a bridleway just above Crook House – prior notice of application to upgrade to Restricted Byway.   There were no objections to this from the PC.


8.  Planning Training scheduled for 15th July 2015:

Cllr. Lloyd went to Berwick for this event, as did representatives from other parishes, only to find it had been cancelled without prior notice.   A letter was subsequently received from NCC with apologies and advising that travel expenses can be reclaimed.


9.  Financial Report:

Payments:  Reimbursement of VAT in respect of repairs and overhaul of water treatment installation.................................................................... £   236.47

Current bank balance ...................................................£1,170.74


10. Coldstream Energy Switch:

Flyers were distributed at the meeting and made available in the Village Hall foyer explaining this initiative organised by Coldstream Community Centre, whereby residents throughout the UK are invited to register to switch their gas/electricity, or just gas, or just electricity, suppliers.   Across the national switch, the average savings are £200 per household per annum, and have a 75% chance if doing so.   

Registrations will take place from 4th August 2015, and the auction with energy suppliers is on 13th October 2015.   Offers of (hopefully) cheaper prices are sent out to households from 23rd October, and the acceptance window closes on15th November 2015.


11. Local Transport Plan Programme 2016/17:

The requests listed on the programme so far are:

  • Priority 1  -  amendments to “No Through Road” sign U1019 at Yeavering.

The PC requested that the sign should indicate that there is a deep ford at the end of this road and that turning large vehicles is not possible due to the narrow lane.

The reply from NCC was that the sign cannot be amended as it must remain in accordance with the Traffic Signs Regulations.

  • Priority 2  -  resurfacing U1023 from Village Hall to Kirknewton House.

This section of the road is being considered through the annual review of road maintenance priorities.

It was noted that the fine gravel on the car park surface washes into the drain after heavy rain, and the clerk would report this to Highways Dept.


12. County Councillor’s Report:  none, due to absence of Cllr. Murray.





13. Any other business:

  • Internet connection – this was reported to be very slow, or impossible, during office hours, throughout Kirknewton.   Since local MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, is working to obtain faster broadband, it was agreed that the clerk would write and ask her to help.
  • Mobile phone reception – this is non-existent in the village.   A mast was offered some years ago by Orange, but this was opposed by one resident, who has since left the area.   If one of the phone companies would be prepared to install a mast, it was suggested that an ideal location would be on the church tower.   Enquiries to be made.


14. Date of next meeting:  Tuesday, 18th August 2015, at 2.00pm.











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