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Kirknewton Parish Council. July meeting. :  details

Kirknewton Parish Council

Posted by Pat Edwards.


Notice of a meeting to be held on Tuesday, 21st July 2015,

at the Village Hall at 2.00pm






1.  Apologies for absence


2.  Police Report


3.  Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd June 2015 to be agreed and signed


4.  Matters arising from the minutes


5.  Village Hall – report - Cllr. John Lloyd


6.  Westnewton Bridge works


7.  Planning Applications:

  • Ref:  15/01272/FUL  Glen Cottage, Post Office Lane –  permission granted for entrance porch & garage
  • Ref:  15NP0051  Thompson’s Walls – approval of details reserved by conditions
  • Ref:  15NP0053  Thompson’s Walls – variation of conditions
  • Ref:  15NP0037  Long Back Cottage – certificate of lawfulness granted
  • Footpath 230/003 and 226/004 upgrade to Restricted Byway


8.  Planning training – report – Cllr. John Lloyd


9.  Financial Report


10.Coldstream Energy Switch


11. Local Transport Plan Programme 2016/17


12. County Councillor’s Report


13. Any other business


14. Date of next meeting:  Tuesday, 18th August 2015, at 2.00pm







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