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Kirknewton Parish Council Meeting. October 18th 2016. :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards.

DRAFT Kirknewton Parish Council


Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 18th October 2016,

at the Village Hall at 2.00pm


Present: Cllrs. Edward Brown, Steve Marriott, Helen and Andy Blowers, Kay Aisthorpe,

John Lloyd, County Cllr. Anthony Murray, Clerk Angela Hallam-Baker.


In attendance:  Patrick Edwards (Parishioner)


1.  Apologies for absence were received from PC Mark Lynn (Northumbria Police)


2.  Police Report:

PC Mark Lynn, who was unable to attend the meeting, had informed the clerk that there had been no reported crime in the area since the last meeting.   

PC Lynn is due to retire from the Police Force in December, and it is not yet known who will replace him.


3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 20th September 2016 were agreed and signed.


4.  Matters arising from the minutes:

  • Japanese knotweed – the clerk had spoken to Geoffrey Tate of Yeavering Farm who had said that NCC had removed the knotweed from the U1019 roadside, but could not find any other patches of the weed.   He said this is a notifiable weed, but apparently the law is somewhat vague about this.    Cllr. Murray offered to make enquiries at County Hall as to whether NCC has a policy on removing the weed.   It was agreed that we should look again in the Spring when it comes into flower, and Pat Edwards was asked to put a copy of his photograph of the weed on the notice board so that people will know what it looks like.  
  • It was noted the Westnewton bridge works had been completed.
  • The “Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles” sign had been erected on the junction of the B6351 and U1019 next to the “No Through Road” sign.   However, a modification order had been made on 26th September 2016 to the definitive map and statement which designated the U1019 as a BOAT (byway open to all traffic).   When the officer in charge was asked why this had been done when the Parish Council, Yeavering Farm and the local residents had spent several years trying to get through traffic stopped from using this road, he had said that it was an alleged  public right of way and the order was just a modification.   He said that commercial organisations, when enquiring about road routes, were not given specific information such as BOATs.   Cllr. Marriott considered that this is possibly a legal matter, since objections are to be submitted to the NCC Legal Services Manager.   It was agreed that the Parish Council should submit an objection, but in the meantime it was hoped that the new sign would deter motor vehicles from using the road.
  • Proposed removal of phone box – an application to remove the phone box had now been submitted, and the clerk had written again to the Planning Department with the PC’s reasons for needing to retain the phone.   It had been established that the phone had been used 48 times during the last twelve months.   This did not include emergency calls, so it was not known whether it had been used for any of these.   Cllr. Murray considered that this is a matter for the Strategic Planning Committee.   
  • Insurance – an invoice dated 27th September 2016 had been received for the annual premium of £171.16, the insurance to be effective from 1st June 2016.   It was agreed that this should be paid.
  • Visit by NNPA officers to PC meeting on Tuesday, 15th November – letters had been sent to the residents living in the National Park area asking for any comments to be made.   


5.  Financial Report:

No further transactions since the last meeting, and the credit balance remains at £1,587.71.


6.  Planning:

An application ref:  16/03119/FUL for demolition of existing garage and erection of double garage at Laburnum House, Kirknewton, had been made available for inspection in the Village Hall.   The PC had received no objections to this from residents, and the Councillors had no objections. 


7.  Commonwealth War Graves notice:

Notices are being attached to the gates of churchyards and cemeteries which contain war graves.   It was suggested that the Kirknewton notice should be displayed on the corner gate opposite the Village Hall where it would be more visible.


8.  County Councillor’s Report:

Cllr. Murray reported that work on the house on The Peth in Wooler, damaged by a tree, was being undertaken and barriers had been removed.

Phase 1 of repairing the pavements in Wooler had been completed at a cost of £50,000, £10,000 of which was attributed to getting the equipment to the site.   The second phase is due to be undertaken next year.   Cllr. Murray commented that £10,000 would have been saved if the whole lot had been done at the same time.


9.  Correspondence:

Revised Arrangements for Local Services Liaison Meetings – due to financial cuts, the programme of regular meetings between NCC and Town and Parish Councils is to be re-scheduled based on the ability of the local councils to be involved in service delivery and hence linked to level of annual precept.   KIrknewton falls into Level C, having a precept of below £100k, and Area 10, and the meetings will be scheduled annually.


10. Any other business:

a)  Area meeting – as reported at the last meeting, the clerk had attended the Area meeting held on 12th September 2016 at Ford.   She said she was disappointed that the NCC members and officers did not introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting, and Cllr. Murray agreed to inform the Chairman of this.

The main comments/complaints concerned the lack of grass-cutting and the condition of the roads.   


b)  Track along Post Office Lane – Cllr. Lloyd reported that the new fencing is nearly completed, and gates were ready to be installed.   It was hoped a digger would be brought in to clear the debris.


11. Date of next meeting:   Tuesday, 15th November 2016, at 2.00pm in the Village Hall.









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