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Kirknewton Parish Council Meeting. Tuesday 21st June, 2016. :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards.

Draft Minutes.

Kirknewton Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday, 21st June 2016, in the Village Hall



Present: Cllrs.  Edward Brown, Steve Marriott, Helen and Andy Blowers, John Lloyd,

Kay Aisthorpe, County Cllr. Anthony Murray, PC Mark Lynn (Northumbria 

Police), Angela Hallam-Baker (Clerk).


In attendance:      Parishioners Pat and Jenny Edwards.


1.  Apologies for absence:  none.


2.  Police Report:  PC Lynn stated that there had been no reported crime in the Parish during the past month.   

Bracken spraying was to take place in the College Valley during July and August.   This had been licensed and was therefore legal.

When asked about wildlife crime, PC Lynn there had been nothing further to report in this area following the arrest of poachers at Humbleton, who had been fined £400 each.



3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 17th May 2016 were agreed and signed following an amendment to Item 9 where this should have read “superfast broadband”.


4.  Matters arising from the minutes:

  • Potholes – it was stated that some of these had been roughly repaired by just filling the holes without digging out a sufficient quantity of tarmac to cover the area which would be more likely to prevent them from opening up again. 
  • Japanese Knotweed – it was reported that the knotweed alongside the U1019 road at Yeavering had been removed, but it was not known whether this had been done by the landowner or the County Council.   However, there was still a patch of the weed beside the river on either Lanton or Copeland land.   The clerk would make enquiries.


5.  Financial Report:

There had been no transactions since the last meeting, and the bank balance at 15th June 2016 remained at £1,389.87.

The Annual Return for the year to 31st March 2016 had been checked by the internal auditor, who had no adverse comments to make.   This contained the figures agreed at the Annual Parish Meeting, and it was further agreed it should be sent off to the external auditor to meet the allotted date.


6.  Westnewton Bridge repairs:

At long last it was noted that the repairs are about to begin, and that contractors’ vehicles are on site.   It was noted that meetings which recently took place in the Village Hall involved only the contractors, and not the Parish Council or the public.

Cllr. Helen Blowers had looked at the website and found there were no objections listed.   The Habitats Regulations Assessment appeared to have been carried out and agreed.

The work was estimated to taken some 13 weeks and would be completed by September.

The Contracts Manager had apparently had difficulty in recruiting local labour.

The clerk was asked to express the Parish Council’s gratitude to Peter Brewis and County Highways for all their work during this long drawn-out process.


7.  Planning:  Ref. 16/00911/FUL:

Permission had been granted for the single storey extension at Gregory.


8.  County Councillor’s Report:

Cllr. Murray reported that nothing of note had been happening at County Hall with relevance to the Wooler area.

The amended Northumberland Plan was tabled, and copies made available in the Village Hall for parishioners’ comments.


9.  Any other business:

  • Vehicles accessing the  U1019  road at Yeavering – in spite of the No Through Road notice situated where this road joins the B6351, traffic, including heavy goods vehicles, are still driving down to the ford.   This is impassable by road traffic and there is no room for the vehicles to turn round.   Cars have been stuck in the river and pulled out by the farmer, and large goods vehicles have had to reverse all the way back up the road.

At a meeting of the NCC Planning and Rights of Way Committee, held on 12th April 2016 it was agreed that a schedule would be drawn up of fords where warning signs were considered necessary, and these would be passed to Highways to be looked at as part of the LTP Programme.   It was resolved at the meeting that the route be included in a future Definitive Map Modification Order as a byway open to all traffic (BOAT).

In view of this, the PC considered that firstly Highways should be asked to erect a warning sign forthwith where the U1019 meets the B6351 to the effect that the ford is impassable by road traffic and that there is no room for vehicles to turn.   The clerk would write to Highways explaining the problems being experienced and the danger and inconvenience caused to the residents and to the local landowner.


10.  Date of next meeting:   Tuesday, 19th July 2016, at 2.00pm at the Village Hall.









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