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Memories of Kirknewton School from the 1920s :  details

Isabella (Bella) Lockhart (nee Hall) was born in 1919 and started school in 1924. At that time she lived in the end cottage near the War Memorial. In a photograph taken of the school in 1924/25 Bella is the fourth girl from the right in the row of girls second from the front.(see gallery)  In a 1927 photograph she is fifth from the right in the second row. (see gallery) The schoolteachers at this time were Miss Smart - the headteacher - and Miss Anderson. Miss Anderson, the assistant teacher lodged in the cottage next to where Bella lived. Later the Hall family moved to Lanton. Bella remembers Miss Anderson as being very strict and 'she used a ruler to rap you over the knuckles even when you were just five'.  She remembers that the school was one big room with a curtain separating the infants from the older children. By the 1930s this curtain would be replaced by a folding screen partition of wood with glazed windows. Bella remembers the 'dippy in' pens which were hard to write with particuarly if you were left handed. Bella was not but she recalls that 'Oh, yes, we made lots of blots and got into trouble sometimes. It was difficult to do nice work with a dippy pen so we practised a lot. Children now are very lucky to have felt pens and easy colouring things'. 

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