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Posted by Pat Edwards.


NEPAL. An illustrated talk by local expert and Geologist Dr. Ian Kille.


Kirknewton Village Hall was the perfect venue for Friday evenings talk,and Nepali supper, organised to raise funds for the D.E.C. Earthquake Appeal.
Peter Brewis introduced Dr. Ian Kille, now a resident of Kirknewton, and who gave an enthralling, informative and entertaining talk to a capacity filled Hall.
Ian has travelled widely, but his visit to Nepal before the recent devastating earthquake, made a lasting and huge impression on him, and he fell in love with the country, and the Nepalese people and culture. 
Everyone listened intently to his explanation as to why this area is prone to earthquakes, and why the Nepalese people are amazingly resilient, incredibly brave, and hard working in overcoming major problems, and disasters such as this massive earthquake.
Ian's talk concentrated on the stunning landscape, the warm, welcoming and friendly people and a country full of diverse cultures and religions.
Ian's talk was illustrated with his beautiful, and awesome photographs which were projected on to the village hall wall, many which left you breathless.
At the end of the talk, Ian was given a spontaneous round of applause from a very appreciative audience. Peter warmly thanked Ian for both his input to this event, and for a wonderful talk. I think many of us felt we had been on the journey with him. 

Before Ian's talk, everyone enjoyed a traditional, and typical Nepali meal of Dal Baht, which is a rice and lentil curry which may be eaten at all times of the day in Nepal. Jean Davidson prepared and cooked this delicious food which was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you Jean, and I think the recipe for Dal Baht will be on this site very soon. So come back, read the recipe, and have a go at cooking this yourself. You won't be disappointed!
Thanks, and appreciation also go to Brian and Dorothy Sharpe. Brian for running the bar, and Dorothy for being one of the event organisers, and also ensuring the projector and photographs kept up with Ian's enthusiastic talk. A fantastic evening.

This evenings event was organised by Jean Davidson, Dorothy Sharpe and Dr. Ian Kille. Thank to you all.
Thank you to Dr. Ian Kille for giving permission to use, display and upload his photographs onto the Kirknewton FB page and website.

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