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Removal of the gauging weir on the River Glen. :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards


Recieved this email from Tracy hall (Tweed Forum) regarding removal of the gauging weir on the River Glen.

Hi Patrick;

Further to our conversation a few weeks ago in relation to the proposal to remove the redundant gauging weir on the River Glen at Kirknewton, the EA have now secured the consents and funding required to undertake the removal works as planned this summer.


The EA operations team will be co-ordinating the removal works, in partnership with the Esh Construction group, and the intention is to begin site preparation works during the course of next week (w/c 24th August) with a view to actual in channel works to remove the weir anticipated to begin the following week (w/c 31st August).

The structure is being removed as it is no longer required for the function for which it was originally installed – i.e. to record levels and flow rates – and is being removed in line with the aspirations of the Till River Restoration Strategy which in part seeks to remove any redundant structures from river channels to facilitate normal natural functions to become established and/or enhanced.


As part of the project development work, an independent assessments has been made of the impact that removing the weir will have on the river channel and the adjoining land, and the main landowners have been fully engaged in discussions to date.


The work will be carried out using an access route from the Lanton side, but throughout the work there will be machinery and personnel on site during normal working hours.


I hope that disruption and inconvenience to local residents will be minimal, but it would be really helpful if you could circulate this information via the community website on our behalf in order to ensure that information is provided to as many people as possible who may wish to know what is going on, and why.


I will continue to be the main point of contact for any questions, queries, comments or concerns any of the local community may have in relation to the project, and can pass any technical questions on to the relevent people within the operations team if required.


Many thanks for your offer of help with circulating this information, and I hope that these notes are sufficiently comprehensive to provide the information likely to be required.

I am intending to put together a general information sheet about the works to display in the village hall as well, and have provided similar information to the parish council.


With kindest regards



Hi Patrick – apologies, I’ve only just seen this second message.  The EA operations team anticipate the actual removal works to take approx. two weeks, with an anticipation of approx. 3 weeks on site in total by the time site preparations and tidying up are completed.

As you allude to below, this is of course dependent upon weather conditions as any rainfall that leads to an increase in flow in the river will delay works as there is a need for low flow conditions to be able to manage the diversion of water to allow for works to be carried out.


I hope that this helps, 





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Till River Restoration Strategy Project Officer

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