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Sarah Portsmouth :  intro

Hello! I grew up at Hethpool, where my parents - Ken and Cynthia Robertson - lived in the cottages from October 1969 until February 1991. They then retired to Kirknewton Station, where my father passed away in January 1997. Mum has since moved along the road a few miles, to Kilham. Dad was originally a forester, then estate worker in the College Valley. As well as being known for her floristry skills, Mum was school cook and nanny at Kirknewton School from 1982 until its closure.

I went to Kirknewton School from 1974 until 1981, when I moved to Glendale Middle School, as part of the big changeover to the 'three tier system'. In 1983 I progressed to Berwick High School, where I studied through to sixth form in 1988. I left for Swansea University in September 1988 and I have lived in South Wales ever since, having met my husband in Swansea.

We now live in Llandovery, Carmarthenshire - an area very similar to Northumberland - where we have a model and toy shop.

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