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Thank you from the Northumbria Hedgehog Trust :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards.






Most of us, maybe all of us love our prickly friends, and the gardeners friend, the Hedgehog. Hedgehogs have sadly declined, and suffered over the years due to loss of habitat, and the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. Helen, one of Kirknewtons dedicated animal lovers, has been supporting the Trust by placing baskets in the Village Hall so that donations of food and newspapers can be placed. 


Carole Catchpole(Longframlington) set up the Northumbria Hedgehog Trust in 1998, and rescues up to 400 hedgehogs every year. Carole would like to thank everyone for the kindness shown, and have helped, and supported the Trust, with the donation of food and newspapers left in the Kirknewton Village Hall before Xmas. Helen took all of these donations down to the Trust before Xmas, and Carole was so pleased and delighted. Support of the trust is hugely appreciated.


The containers are still in the Hall for both food and newspapers, as there are still many hedgehogs to be looked after over the winter period, and indeed, all the year round.


Best food for hedgehogs is cat biscuits, and also tinned cat food in jelly other than varieties containing fish.


The best newspapers are the small ones similar in size to the Berwick Advertiser and if someone is really interested, torn into strips with staples removed would be great.


Thank you again to all who have supported us at the Trust. 



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