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WOOLER U3A :  details

Posted by Pat Edwards

Wooler U3A

Wooler U3A is one of the largest voluntary sector memberships in Glendale, maintaining and increasing the mental and physical health and well being of around 120 residents.

Membership of The U3A is open to all in their 'third age', which is not defined by a particular age, but by a period in life in which full-time employment has ceased. Members promote the value of lifelong learning and the positive attributes of belonging to U3A.

Members form interest groups covering as wide a range of topics and activities as they desire: by the members, for the members. There is no distinction between learners and leaders: all are U3A members.

Currently, Wooler U3A has seventeen interest groups: Bridge, Carpet Bowls and Table Tennis meet weekly: Art Appreciation, Board Games, Craft, Film, Gardening, Geology, History, IPads, Painting and Drawing, Philosophical Discussion, Play-Reading, Reading for Pleasure, Science and Wine Appreciation meet each month.

Full details of monthly programmes and contact details for Group Leaders can be found on the Wooler U3A website:

Further information can be obtained from Veronica Gilbert on 01668 281362 or

Kelvin Rushworth on

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